8 September 2019

25th anniversary of Steel Dawn! First Show since 8 years...

Love fanbase,
On 9.11.2019 a party takes place in Langen. There is live music with Frank Wolfraum, Vampyrette and ... who would have thought ... with us in a new cast. The old cast is mostly in the other two bands. Vampyrette with our ex guitarist Michael Müller and our ex drummer Gunther Graf. Also Frank Wolfraum, our singer of the first era.

Official message is:
On November 9th there is a lot of pushing (actually we are not so far yet :-)) after a long time a Steel Dawn gig in Langen. Is nothing big. Together with Vampyrette (this is the band of our ex-guitarist and ex drummer) and Frank Wolfraum (our ex-singer) we are going to celebrate a (hopefully) nice and cozy evening in a small circle. We play in a new cast about 1 hour. So not 25 meters stage but small and contemplative. The whole starts at 18.30 clock in the clubhouse of 1.FC Langen, Waldstadion Oberlinden. There are tickets for silly 6 euros. So if you are interested and looking forward to one or the other blunder. The musician police are also welcome. Dumb sayings cost one beer per band member.

best regards Ralf