3 June 2007

(R)EXcuse me is "out now"!

It still lasted a little time again because of delays of the Rec.Company and delays during the mastering of (R)EXcuse me´, but it is ready now. Our new album (R)Excuse me (planned VÖ 04.05.07) is available since today. The album has prepared much work and many things went wrong, but I think that all the effort has been worthwhile. We not able to say when REXcuse me is available in the stores yet, but you can order it without any problems in the internet or direct by using our contactformular. We will introduce the album at the Frankfurt Ratsweg at the biker festival "bikes & family" on 17-8-7. We will play a complete Open Air concert this time. You can find more information about it using and on our web site. We would be happy if you would come there. On this place we say thank you to everyone who helped us within the last months to do the things we had to do. Quite special gratitude to: Michael Bormann (RMB-Records), Walter Gommers (Gommers Concerts & Advertising GmbH), Horst Tettowlowski (Philipshalle Düsseldorf & ISS-Dome Düsseldorf), Hans Jürgen Lautenfeld (trend event), Manfred Kirschenstein & all employees at ISS-Dome Düsseldorf, Slim(Dirk Becker Entertainment GmbH),Elmar Schmellenkamp (Managing director/DEG Metro Stars),the employees of "Fan TV Cologne", Marko Seidensticker(2Plus/events), our DEG mascot "Düssi", and the crew at the Philipshalle Düsseldorf (Olaf, Markus, Andreas, Rosie, Claudia, Rolli, Motz, Ivan...) And of course greetings to the nice Chearleader of the DEG metro stars!