25 Januar 2022

New date for the show at Offenbach

Steel Dawn supports Wallop... New date is scheduled at 09 April 2022...

07 July 2021

Steel Dawn supports Wallop has been rescheduled again!

New date for the show at Turnhalle Bieber in Offenbach is scheduled at 4 December 2021...

03 Januar 2021

Steel Dawn plays an online live stream recorded at Das Bett...

On January 21st. 2021 Steel Dawn plays an online live show which is recorded at Das Bett in Frankfurt...

15 October 2020

Steel Dawn supports Wallop has been rescheduled again!

New date for the show at Turnhalle Bieber in Offenbach is scheduled at 17 April 2021...


Past Shows

9 Nov 2019

2. Langen Rockt

Langen, Clubhaus 1.FC Langen




1 Feb 2020

Support Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard

Mörlenbach, Live Music Hall -Weiher-




23 May 2020

AVMS-GERMANY Online Session





21 Jan 2021

Das Bett Online Live Show

airtango Live Stream




Upcoming Shows

9 Apr 2022

Support Wallop

Offenbach, Turnhalle Bieber



Lead Vocals


Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


Lead/Rhythm Guitar



Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


Keyboards, Backing Vocals




RMB-Recors 2007

(R)EXcuse me...!

1. Shadow Games
2. Little Child
3. Streets of Freedom
4. Shot in The Night
5. Burning Bridges
6. 397
7. No More Excuse
8. Headbangers Ball
9. The Trigger
10. Walls Of Mercy
11. Six Wheels

Long Island Rec. 1994

Mirror Images

1. Dirty & Rough
2. Chained By Love
3. Hold On To Your Heart
4. Keep On Running
5. The End
6. The One Who Holds The Key
7. Ordinary Child
8. Dreams Of Love
9. Princess
10. Run Away


Welcome to the world of Steel Dawn!

If you look at the history of Steel Dawn, the roots reach back to the year 1992, where the band around Iggo Gunzelman (bass, Voc.) and Ralf Bethke (Guit, Voc.) was founded. Already in the year 1994 the first record-deal came around. As a result of this, the album "Mirror Images", taken under the management of producer Michael Bormann, was released by "Long Island Records". Mirror Images was on place 9 of the japanese import charts - in front of Van Halen!!!

Steel Dawn went on a tour through Germany as support of the U.S. formation "Warrant". But the early, not expected success stopped suddenly. The planned publication and release in Japan and Korea by the "Progressive GmbH" in the year 1996 did not happen, because of the bankruptcy of Long Island Records.

Personal, professional careers and musical differences lead to the split. The band dissolved officially in 1997. But only three years later Ralf Bethke wrote new material. He went on looking for a new line up. After some time the long search finally paid off at the beginning of the year 2002. The new formation with Iggo Gunzelman on the base again, started with the recordings of the basics to the second album "(R)excuse me!". In Autumn 2002 they´ve decided to engage Conny Beck as the new frontman, and so the songs became an update for a harder and more aggressive touch......



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